Our five-year roadmap to a renewed and vibrant space for reflection and connection builds on our rich history and deepens relationships with existing partners and guests, while extending an invitation to new people and opportunities.


Light of the Prairies is a vibrant and welcoming space for people united in values and diverse in beliefs, traditions, cultures and faiths.


Light of the Prairies offers space to reflect, connect and act.

Shared Values

Committed to welcoming people with diverse beliefs, traditions, cultures and faiths, our values guide our decisions and interactions.


With a commitment to fairness and equity, we promote social justice and protect human rights.


We celebrate the diversity of cultures, traditions, and personal journeys, fostering an environment of mutual understanding and acceptance.


Recognizing that everyone has room for growth, we cultivate a culture of knowledge sharing and mutual respect.


Grounded in kindness, understanding and concern for the well-being of others, we foster a sense of interconnectedness and shared humanity.


We recognize the interconnectedness of all living things and commit to sustainable practices for the well-being of future generations.

Strategic Priorities

  1. LOTP will expand its reach and welcome a diverse and intercultural community.

This will include diversifying guests, developing a membership option, and identifying potential partners – while ensuring values-alignment.

  1. LOTP will revitalize the Centre and find new ways to curate use of the property.

This will include ensuring a seamless and inviting experience for individuals and groups, investing in the existing spaces, and exploring new ways to use the property.

  1. LOTP will re-imagine the operational structure to align with renewed purpose.

This will include reconfiguring staffed positions, exploring alternate ways to fill roles (e.g., partnership organization), and increasing volunteer involvement.